Windows Infrastructure

7.1 Windows Infrastructure

The following deployment diagram shows the use of DokChess on Windows without an opening book. Arena is used as an example frontend (→ Decison 9.1 “How does the engine communicate with the outside world?").

Deploying DokChess on a Windows PC Fig.: Deploying DokChess on a Windows PC

Software Requirements on a PC:

  • Java Runtime Environment SE 11 (or higher)
  • The JVM (javaw.exe) is in the PATH, otherwise adapt dokchess.bat
  • Arena

DokChess.jar contains the compiled Java source code of all the modules and all the necessary dependencies (“Uber-jar”). The script file dokchess.bat starts the Java Virtual Machine with DokChess. Both are available on the computer in a common directory, because dokchess.bat relatively addresses the jar file.

Within Arena, the script file is declared in the following menu “Engine | Install a new Engine …”. You will see a file selection, the file type can be limited to _* .bat_ files. Then, set the engine type to “Winboard”. In other chess frontends, declaring an engine is very similar See corresponding documentation for details.

Open Issues

Some frontends under Windows only allow the integration of a *.exe file as an engine. In this case DokChess would have to be wrapped appropriately.