Quality Goals

1.2 Quality Goals

The following table describes the key quality objectives of DokChess. The order of the goals gives you a rough idea of their importance.

Quality Goal Motivation/description
Accessible example (Analysability)  Since DokChess first of all serves as a case study for software architects and developers, they quickly get the idea of design and implementation.
Platform appealing to experiments (Changeability)  Alternative algorithms and strategies, such as the evaluation of a chess position, can be implemented and integrated into the solution easily.
Using existing frontends (Interoperability)  DokChess can be integrated in existing graphical chess frontends with reasonable effort.
Acceptable playing strength (Appropriateness)  DokChess plays strong enough to beat weak opponents safely and at least challenges casual players.
Quick response to opponent’s moves (Efficiency)  Since DokChess is used as live-demo in seminars and lectures, calculation of moves takes place quickly.

The quality scenarios in section 10 detail these goals and serve to evaluate their achievement.