Deployment Context

3.2 Deployment Context

Technical communication of DokChess with third parties

Fig.: Technical communication of DokChess with third parties

XBoard client (external system)

A human player is connected to DokChess with a graphical front-end. The development of such is not part of DokChess. Each graphical frontend can be used instead, if it supports the so-called XBoard protocol. These include Xboard (or Winboard on Windows), Arena and Aquarium.

Polyglot Opening Book (external system)

Polyglot Opening Book is a binary file format for opening libraries. DokChess allows the optional connection of such books. Only read access is used.

On endgames

The implementation of a connection to endgame databases (such as Nalimov Endgame tablebases) has been dropped due to the effort of implementation (|→ Risk 11.2](/en/11_risks/02_effort/) Effort of implementation). The design, however, is open to appropriate extensions.