1.3 Stakeholders

The following table illustrates the stakeholders of DokChess and their respective intentions.

Who? Matters and concern
Software Architects
  • get an impression on how architecture documentation for a specific system may look like
  • reproduce things (e.g. format, notation) in their daily work
  • gain confidence for their own documentation tasks
  • usually have no deep knowledge about chess
  • accept responsibility for architectural tasks in the team
  • acquire a taste for implementing a chess engine on their own during the study of DokChess
  • are curious about concrete suggestions
Stefan Zörner
  • needs attractive examples for his book
  • uses DokChess as a case study in workshops and presentations on software design and architecture
oose Innovative Informatik
  • Employers of Stefan Zörner at the time of DokChess conception
  • offers trainings, workshops and coaching on topics related to software development